Employees reporting sick more frequently? Absenteeism can cost your company a lot of money: continuing to pay salaries; paying a temporary replacement; lower production; increased pressure on colleagues; etc. etc. etc. This is annoying but it is part of being an employer.

If the employee is not really sick, this is unacceptable not only for the employer but for the employee's colleagues. If you hear rumours from those colleagues or from suppliers or clients that the absent employee is not ill, then do something.

Let VMB security & solutions carry out an investigation.

When people are going to visit the doctor or physiotherapist they usually walk badly because of the pain. If on the other hand they seems full of energy and visit the gym or work in their garden there can be little wrong.

If there are suspicions that someone is faking illness there are things that can be done.
VMB security & solutions can carry out inquiries and observations to ascertain the employee's activities.

In practice absentees are often working for a competitor, doing odd jobs, or working on the start-up of their own business.

After ascertaining that their absenteeism is unjustified the absent employee can be confronted during interview and we can advise you about the next steps.

Paying your "sick" employee for months or even years can cost your company a lot of money. Often we can obtain proof of their false claim in a week, saving your salary bill thousands.