Internal fraud

If we speak about fraud we are most frequently talking about deception or swindling. Whatever form fraud takes it is always that matters are presented other than they really are.
If we are talking about fraud we must be speaking of purposeful acts. If there is a question of misunderstanding or unconscious acts, we do not call that fraud.

Internal or external fraud

Fraud can be committed in three ways. Fraud by persons inside or outside your business. Sometimes it is a combination of both whereby someone inside your business aids an outsider or vice versa.

Forms of fraud

There are many forms of fraud. Just for a few examples: think of insurance fraud, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, benefit or social security fraud, and of course the well known building fraud. In this part of our website we could mention all the kinds of fraud know in business. They are all included in the expertise of VMB security & solutions.

Stop fraud now!

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