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According to the Oxford Dictionary the word ‘investigate’ means ‘to inquire into or examine’. As a noun it is often used to indicate a department of police: the department charged with ‘finding out; tracing; tracking down; locating. Investigation can be divided into pro-active and re-active. Below is an explanation.

Pro-active investigation

The word proactive says it all! Pro-active investigation is the performance of an inquiry before a criminal act has been committed. With this form of investigation a crime can be prevented. The investigation takes place on the basis of information or suspicion that certain persons have formed an intention.

Re-active investigation

This form of investigation is carried out when a crime has been committed. On the basis of the evidence that a crime has taken place the investigators inquire into who the perpetrators were and what their motivation was. VMB security & solutions caries out investigations into all behaviours you think are unacceptable. Theft and fraud are obvious examples. Suspicions of false claims of absence due to sickness, and business espionage are less obvious.

VMB investigative activities

The investigative activities of VMB security & solutions cover both forms. It may be that a theft, fraud or other crime has occurred. The discovery of this crime is the point at which to call in an investigation bureau. It can also be that there is suspicion that a company or person has behaved improperly. On the basis of this suspicion, and possible information, an investigation can be started.

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