Personal Security

VMB security & solutions is specialised in close protection and bodyguard services. For security reasons we tend to tell als few as possible about this discipline. We would like to mention that hiring a "bodyguard" or close protection officer as it is really called, is not the only and best solution for your personal security.


We look for fitting solutions and also advice in the change of dailiy routine of the person to be secured. In some cases just an alteration of this routin could react in a substantial lower risk. By coherence of countermeasures and the expertise of VMB security & solutions, an all-in solution could be determined that is  broader than a bodyguard, or does not involve a close protection officer at all!

Threat analysis

To determine what countermeasures are nescesary en to what risks the person is beïng exposed, VMB security & solutions initiates a threat analysis. In a threat analysis all aspects of the persons daily routine are being looked at and analysed, compared to the desired situation. The conclusion of this analysis could be the start point for measures like:

Electronical protection
Securityservices/close protection officer
Perimetersecurity (like around the house or company)
Alteration of daily routine

Our goal is to achieve a situation in which the person is exposed to as few risks as possible, with the smalless breach of his or her personal life!

More information about personal security, bodyguard or close protection services?

Would you like to have more information or do you want to see through the possibilities in a discrete conversation with one of our close protection advisors? That is possible! Please contact us: iby mail (info(@), or call (+31 (0)36 549 9819)