Many people work in an organisation and the strength of the organisation stands or falls on the trustworthiness of its employees. It is therefore not more than logical that you screen your employees. Personnel screening is also known as an antecedent inquiry or a pre-employment check.

Check the identity

You must check the identity of the person you intend to take on. In some countries this is an obligation. The identity of your personnel can be checked by a screening investigation. This investigation can cover your present personnel as well as prospective employees. If you want an extended screening of your personnel carried out you need to call in an investigation bureau but there a number of things you can do yourself.

Check personnel yourself

You can verify personnel in various ways yourself. Amongst other things: · verify the information given on the CV · check references. Ask for references and confirm the accuracy with a telephone call · check the information during an interview.

Contract out personnel screening

If we undertake this work for you, as well as the above we would carry out other inquiries which can include the following: · extended inquiries into the person’s background · extended inquiries into the person’s past. (This can also include inquiries into any previous involvement with drugs) · extended inquiries into someone’s financial situation Et cetera

Do you want to have your personnel screened?

You can have your present and/or future personnel screened by us. The investigators of VMB security & solutions know how to obtain the correct information with efficiency and integrity.
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