Pre-employment check

An indication regarding the trustworthiness of a future employee can be a given statement about the conduct. With the coming into force of the Judicial Data Law on 1 April 2004 the procedure regarding the giving of a statement about the conduct changed.

Unambiguous judgement

Before the change in the law a statement about conduct was requested from and issued by the Municipality. Since1 April 2004 the request must be submitted to the Municipality but the statement is judged by, and issue is carried out by, the Central Organ for Declaration Concerning Conduct which is part of the Ministry of Justice. The reason for the change of procedure is that there is more uniformity in the judgement of judicial data. An unambiguous judgement of the data gives the statement more value. The issued statement is also more valued internationally.

Special request form

All requested statements about conduct that were submitted before1 April 2004 were still judge and issued by the Municipality. After this date the changed procedure was instituted. From 1 April 2004 the person requesting the statement as well as his or her employer must fill in a special form. The employee- that is the person requesting the statement must personally deliver the completed form to the Municipality supported by a valid form of identity. The Central Organ for Declaration Concerning Conduct then judges whether the statement can be issued and issues the document.

More information

The Ministry of Justice charges €29.50 for issuing a statement. It can be expected that a statement will be issued within 4 weeks of the request being submitted. The Municipality has no influence on the procedure. Information folders will be available in which the telephone numbers for inquiries about The Central Organ for Declaration Concerning Conduct will be given. For more information about a Statement of Conduct telephone calls can be made to 070 3707234 and a form can be found on

Complete pre-employment check

The procedure outlined above produces a simple indicator. We advise in cases of responsible and trustworthy positions an extended check. This gives a clear picture concerning the background of the person and protects you against mistakes. A large percentage of applicants drawn to our attention are rejected because of inaccurate or insufficient information! For more information contact us here.