Robbery prevention

Robberies are nowadays the subject of the day. Robberies are for retailers a true reality, but everyone can be robbed. How do you deal as an organization with robberies and how do you make sure your staff is acting properly during a robbery?  It’s possible to train the skills of your staff with an training robbery prevention.

Content of the training

Robberies are nowadays becoming more common and unfortunately with increasing violence. Reason enough to reflect the possible risks that your organization runs.

In this training we try to aware your employees of how they can contribute to the prevention of a possible (armed) robbery and what to do if this happened in the company.

Parts of the training

  • Inventory experiences participants
  • Robberies. 
  • Why, when and how?
  • Exercise: how does a robber work?
  • Prevention, what can you do yourself?
  • What to do during a robbery
  • What to do after a robbery
  • How can you help colleagues who are robbed?


Experience has shown that working with an actor is not always easy for the participants, so we have chosen not to work with an actor.

It is possible to combine this training with parts from other trainings.


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